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Product Catalog Overview

Note: Some options listed in the Product Catalog may change over time. We will cover the main points of the catalog to give you a general understanding.

Searching for Products

If you know the Raven part number for a product, use the search bar to enter the number. You can still use the search bar if you can only remember part of the number and it will narrow down the results to only products that contain those numbers. You can also use any words that may be in the product name, but please be aware that these product names are pulling from a master database that may contain abbreviations of a word.

If you are not familiar with the Raven part numbering scheme, it usually (but not always!) looks like the number below. Raven part numbers are sometimes shown with dashes between sections. Do not use any dashes when searching in the Product Catalog.

  • The first “1” is present in all Raven part numbers.
  • The next three digits are the “type”.
    • Example: “115” refers to a cable and “016” refers to a product manual.
  • The four digits in the middle are the “sub-type” or “series”.
    • Example: “4001” is often used for steering components. However, this isn’t always the case so be careful!
  • The last three digits are for the “part” itself.
  • Any letters at the end of the part number are typically used as an option code to represent hardware differences or unlocked features.

Viewing a Product

Select a product number in the catalog to view its product page. The product page will show you the description, any details if they are available, and the item price. If you choose to add a product to a quote, you can also set the quantity before you add it.

Product Information

Some products in the catalog will also have product information on the page. A kit (1 117 xxxx xxx) can show a list of included components under the Bill of Materials tab.

The Product Literature tab can include links to other content like user documentation, application drawings, and cable wiring diagrams.

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